(TruthSeekerDaily)  Philanthropic Uruguayan President José Mujica has opened his heart and his mansion for approximately 100 children who have been orphaned due to the Syrian civil war. These children are expected to arrive by September straight from the refugee camps located in the Middle East.  Since The UNHCR (UN High Commission for Refugees) doesn’t relocate any orphan… Read More


  After generations of questions and debate along with seemingly endless hours spent pouring over evidence, only to not arrive at any clear answers, today new evidence is now proving the ancients did have technology far beyond what we can even begin to imagine.      Egyptian explorer, Brien Foerester has taken viewers on video documentaries… Read More

(TruthSeekerDaily)  As a long-time advocate for a peaceful world as accomplished by the power of the people, Russle Brand is now publicly calling for a peaceful revolution and urging people not to support the infrastructures of today which he feels helps to decide how countries are run.  It’s becoming increasingly more apparent that who we vote into… Read More


(TruthSeekerDaily)  Spent tear-gas grenades litter the war torn Palestinian village of Bilin, near the State of Palestine’s de facto capital of Ramallah.  A native woman to the area collected these tragic tools of death and destruction that represented the clashes between Israeli soldiers, to use in a poignant display of peaceful resistance.  What they become is beautifully… Read More

(TruthSeekerDaily)  Thrill-seekers love to live life on the edge and for one extreme sportsman, he’s taking that statement literally by seeing the world upside down, from harrowing heights, as he performs death-defying handstands all over the globe. Daredevil Scott Young, 25, from Baskingstoke, Hants., has traveled to India and China, taking a stand on his hands against… Read More