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  (TruthSeekerDaily)  Apparently due to the budget impasse at capital hill, problems were reported Saturday all across America with the Electronic Benefits Transfer System (i.e., electronic food stamp debit cards), leaving consumers stuck with no way to pay at registers, many people took to Twitter to express concern. (Be Advised: Some rough language ahead)    … Read More

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(TruthSeekerDaily) To summarize for the people on the go-  Obama: “If we don’t raise the debt ceiling then all the roads will simultaneously disappear! Quick, raise the debt ceiling and go keep minding your own business.. I got this!”.  Here is more fear mongering (from HuffPost): WASHINGTON — A self-described “exasperated” President Barack Obama told Wall… Read More

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  (TruthSeekerDaily) We have some breaking news regarding the debt ceiling which the government will hit by Oct. 17th! This is excellent news for everyone who is opposed to government regulated healthcare. Here is the latest mainstream article regarding this: House Republicans emerged from an hourlong private meeting on Thursday with a wish list of demands… Read More


(Forbes) Treasury Secretary Jack Lew hasnotified Congress that the U.S. government will reach the limits of its ability to borrow in mid-October.  Lew’s letter sounds the opening notes of the overture to this fall’s fiscal grand opera. Between October 1 and the end of the calendar year, President Obama and Congress will battle over the debt… Read More