(TruthSeekerDaily) As Truth Seekers, we have to stay very vigilant in these turbulent times. As more information and special interests constantly bombard us with biased information, we have to create our own, individual filters for processing these vast amounts of data. That being said, the current news regarding the government shutdown and possible default on our National debt is all really just a big theater, a drama play. It’s a game that the powers that be play with our emotions (one of the branches of our materialistic ego).  They have perfected these games through trial and error, and will inevitably be portrayed as the savior that we will ultimately “beg” for. Just as the German people begged for Hitler to stabilize the economy, bring back national pride and provide  control (when Germany was experiencing hyperinflation in the 1920’s).  This is causality, cause and effect.


Here is the latest screen play regarding the negotiations on raising the debt ceiling, which is due to expire on Oct. 17th:

Via BenSwann, by Michael Lotfi

The House is firing back with their own bill rather than wait for the Senate to offer a competing plan.

House democrats will likely oppose the plan, which will mean another partisan bill passed from the House GOP. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) tweeted, “GOP’s latest plan is designed to torpedo the bipartisan (Senate) solution-” Hollen is the top democratic member of the House budget committee. Hollen goes on to direct blame for possible default on the GOP.


Details on the House plan are scattered. According to USA Today, GOP House aides are not authorized to speak about the plan until it is publicly announced in full. However, certain details are clear.

The GOP will extend federal spending through January and raise the debt ceiling through February. However, the House is attempting to take back their Constitutionally delegated power of the purse by removing the Treasury secretary’s ability to use “extraordinary measures” to extend the debt ceiling deadline.

This unconstitutional power-grab has allowed the executive branch power over the purse.

The new House plan will also reinstate the Vitter amendment, which strips Congress, Cabinet appointees and their staff of the subsidy exemption President Obama sought for Congress.

The reinstatement of this amendment will undoubtedly not fly with Senate democrats and kill the bill if it can even make it out of the House .

There are also reports that the House is trying to add language, which will allow employers to opt-out of having to provide contraception coverage to employees.

Some House conservatives are already saying they will vote against the bill. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said, “I’m a no, but they’ll probably get their 218 votes.”

The vote is scheduled for later tonight.