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Most people experience anger in some form or shape from time to time. For some, it’s an explosive and unstable outburst and for others it’s more of an inward compression of negativity. In spite of this you personally express anger, be conscious that it is doing some harm and you would be better off without… Read More


When your mother told you to get your beauty sleep, she may have been on to something. From kids to adults, studies illustrate that the amount of sleep a person gets can directly affect his/her diet and overall health. While individual sleep needs vary, most adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep a… Read More

coffee first

You might think drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a good idea. You might even think it’s a great way to get yourself going. But you might be surprised to learn that drinking coffee first thing in the morning — particularly on an empty stomach — is a terrible idea. Why? Let’s take… Read More

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via brightside These days, no one is surprised by photos showing a perfect body achieved through months of training and proper nutrition. But today, Bright Side invites you to take a look at a very different version of a “before and after” photo shoot. Intent on demonstrating that photos don’t always reflect reality, fitness trainer Anna Victoria decided not to waste words and duly proved by example that every… Read More


Many people consider it normal to walk inside the house with their shoes on. But several scientific studies suggest why that’s a bad idea — and the reasons are pretty gross. Though some bacteria is good for us, if you’ve ever gotten a stomach virus, you’ll know that other kinds of bacteria are not. A study done by the… Read More


(Healthy Food House) Our brain releases a neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is crucial for numerous essential bodily functions. Dopamine is great for the following body functions: -Regulating movement -Controlling the center of pleasure and reward in the brain -Improving the cognitive functions (knowledge, attention, memory, decision-making, evaluation, problem solving) -Regulating the secretion of prolactin Since it is extremely… Read More


Credits: Amanda Froelich These ‘before and after’ photos are proof that giving up alcohol can dramatically affect one’s health and appearance. Drinking alcohol might seem like the normal or ‘hip’ thing to do, but consuming it in excess over time can take a toll on one’s health. Effects of excessive alcohol consumption include increased risk… Read More

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would like us all to believe that raw milk is a flaming health hazard with the potential to cause a national disaster. What could be more toxic than raw food, right? That must be what is making our nation sick – not the over-consumption of genetically-modified, pesticide-laden… Read More