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(TruthSeekerDaily) According to the Vedas, eclipses are very inauspicious events. There are partial eclipses (solar or lunar), and there are total eclipses. The upcoming eclipse on August 21st is considered a rare event when several planets will be aligned to cause a temporary yet complete obstruction of solar light will be a total solar eclipse,… Read More

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According to ancient Vedic texts, one of main reasons for suffering in this materialistic universe is the fact that souls wish to enjoy themselves by using others, instead of serving others. The more someone uses someone else for selfish motives, this creates a negative karmic account since the action wasn’t selfless to begin with, and… Read More

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The body uses the same energy and material wasted through sexual activity to heal itself. Take note though, that to truly reap the fruits of the practice you must be mentally chaste as well. Physical abstinence is the first step but mental celibacy is the real celibacy. By restraining yourself physically and letting the mind… Read More

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This 8-minute, 28-second video has left me speechless. It’s as if we have long stopped living in reality, we live a lie, one that has become so widespread, that we cannot see what is really happening—so evidently—all around us.  Have you ever wondered about what FREEDOM actually is? What it really means? It is defined… Read More

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By Rebel Circus Legend says: there is an intangible string of fate that binds two souls destined to be together. Those connected are bound no matter of time, place or circumstance. Nothing can ever break the invisible thread between two people who are meant to be together.     1. Red. The color red is strongly tied to… Read More

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By Jay Hill Energy is everywhere, and its effects are real. Have you noticed that the company you keep has a major impact on your energy levels? For example, one of the reasons you enjoy hanging out with your best friends or favorite relatives is probably because they have a beneficial effect on your mood. On… Read More


Australian comedian Celeste Barber created a hilarious photo series based on parodies of celebrity Instagram selfies, and she’s encouraging others to do the same under the#celestechallengeaccepted hashtag. Barber and her sister came up with the idea as a joke. “People take it all too seriously,” Barber told the Daily Mail. “[t]hey have such an obsession with… Read More


Difference 1 Look out for all OR Look down on all? Difference 2 The hard to impress versus the easy to please. Difference 3 Working from the shadows Or Wanting only the lime-light? Difference 4 Humility with grace versus Boasting without shame. Difference 5 To the face OR Behind the back? Difference 6 Actions speak louder than words versus… Read More

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We are all witnessing a mass awakening sweeping across the planet. Over just the last several weeks, millions of people have newly awakened to all the following astonishing truths they never would have believed just a year ago: • The EPA knowingly allows children all across America to drink lead-poisoned water, covering up all the… Read More