(TruthSeekerDaily) According to the Vedas, eclipses are very inauspicious events. There are partial eclipses (solar or lunar), and there are total eclipses. The upcoming eclipse on August 21st is considered a rare event when several planets will be aligned to cause a temporary yet complete obstruction of solar light will be a total solar eclipse, completely blocking the rays of the sun. It will be completely seen here in the US, and mid states experiencing total obstruction of the sun. It’s considered a very bad omen for the country under which the totality happens. Russia on the other hand will be less affected by this event, there will only be a partial eclipse. The negative energy which emits from this event is 1,000 greater than any other day, and a total solar eclipse is worse than a lunar eclipse. Many subtle doorways will be open during this time period, allowing beings from lower planetary systems to gain access to the Earth realm. The negative energy generated will lasts for many months, and if not cleansed, it will only linger on. But as most people are still consuming meat on a massive scale (approximately 120,000 animals are slaughtered every minute to sustain the Earth’s meat eating population), and this being the main culprit for the majority of wars being fought on this planet, our chances of improving the condition of this planet are very slim, unless we take drastic actions.

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Intense spiritual practice is highly recommended on that day, and avoid any activities which are tamas or rajas predominant. So here is the breakdown: 

What’s happening? 
The Sun, the Moon and the north lunar node Rahu— an invisible yet powerful energy that is responsible for the eclipse—will be together in the sign ruled by the Sun, Leo. This is also the 5th natural house of creativity, divine intelligence, performing arts and politics. 
The Sun rules our vitality, general well-being, success and governmental figures. 
The Moon rules the mind, our emotions, water, and mother figures. 

Rahu is fast and electric and can bring fear, surprises and tension. 
Adding to this trio, Mercury retrograde will also be in Leo. Mercury rules your intellect, communication and business. 
According to the classical texts of Vedic astrology, an eclipse is not a positive omen for the countries in which the eclipse is fully visible. It’s also considered inauspicious for world governments, as the Sun is the planet representing rulers and VIPs. 
Moreover, Saturn—the enemy of the Sun and planet of delays and old age—is influencing Leo and therefore this eclipse. 

What to do?

• If possible, avoid or reduce your exposure to the outdoors during the eclipse (especially if you’re pregnant or recovering from illness).
• Do not begin new, important activities such as launching a special project or making large investments on August 21, the actual eclipse day.
• Do not eat a large meal during the eclipse—and if possible, fast during that time period.
• You can eat right at the end of the eclipse.
• You can also take a shower after the eclipse with the intention of removing the negative energy.
• Sponsor a Tarpanam ritual for your ancestors.
• At home: Put in your right hand some rice powder and black sesame seeds sprinkled with a few drops of cold water. Put the hand over a sink (alternatively, you can do this on the ground outside of your home).

•Call on your departed ancestors and ask them to come and take the
offering. Tell your ancestors to be at peace and encourage them to cross into the light. Ask for their blessings. Pour a glass of clean, cold water over the offering in your hand. Wash your hands.
• Sponsor a ceremony to Lord Vishnu—the maintainer of the universe.
• Feeding the poor on August 21 is believed to protect you from the negative—and potentially long-term— effects of this solar eclipse.
• At home: You can recite this mantra to for Lord Vishnu—OM NAMO NARAYANAYA. Or listen to a recording of the traditional mantra for Vishnu known as Vishnu Sahasranama. Or: You can recite OM NAMAH SHIVAYA to Lord Shiva
• If you can, it’s recommended to participate in rituals to pacify all the nine Vedic planets.


With that being said, I wish everyone the best.

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