(TruthSeekerDaily)  Thrill-seekers love to live life on the edge and for one extreme sportsman, he’s taking that statement literally by seeing the world upside down, from harrowing heights, as he performs death-defying handstands all over the globe.

Daredevil Scott Young, 25, from Baskingstoke, Hants., has traveled to India and China, taking a stand on his hands against heights.  Young’s sky high handstand record is a 40-story skyscraper.Handstand2

What makes Scott’s stands more daring is that he performs then without and safety ropes.  Viewers from a safe place, get to live vicarious through his vertical feats through the footage he films by a camera built into his shoe.  This ultra-strong athlete has also filmed himself on a car park roof in his home town – balancing on a fence only a couple of inches wide.

Scott recently balanced precariously on the top of a 40-story skyscraper in Shanghai, China – 480ft up. Despite the urging of his fellow teammates to put on a harness for this handstand, Scott went without one because he knew he could do it regardless.

No surprisingly, Scott was inspired to pursue this sport, called freerunning, after watching The Amazing Spiderman at 15-years-old.

‘I’ve had a few injuries in my time. I’ve torn ligaments and things in my shoulder, but they’re usually just repetitive injuries rather than from bad falls.  ‘The worst I’ve done is snap my ankle at a film premier when I landed half on the crash mat. The irony is that if I’d landed smack bang on the concrete I would have just rolled it off and been fine.’ -Scott said.

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The amount of physical strength this must require to safely and successfully pull of these stunts is unimaginable, but may still be not match to the mental strength needed.  Although this is not an activity for others to simply try at home, it is proof that what  your mind can conceive and what you believe, you can certainly achieve.