(TruthSeekerDaily) Two kayakers had the experience of a lifetime, one in which they were lucky enough to catch with their GoPro camera.

Two kayakers were near the Argentinian coast when they spotted a pod of whales swimming toward them. Next thing they knew, they were being lifted out of the water while still in their kayaks.

The footage first shows the kayakers approaching the whales, then stopping to observe them from a distance. Within moments, one of the whales turns toward the kayakers — attempting to pass directly under their boat — gasps are heard as it’s realized the whale is lifting the kayak out water, balancing the boat on it’s back.

One of the kayakers places the GoPro underwater to capture the gigantic mammal as it starts to swim away. When the interaction finally comes to end, excited laughs can be heard.

Thanks to perfect timing, chance, and a playful whale this incredible footage happened for all to experience.

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