(TruthSeekerDaily)  Many times man-made monstrosities try to take over nature, with concrete jungles systematically eliminating the green that was there first.  However, every now and then nature fights back to claim the space that was rightfully their’s from the start, and when they do it makes for some great poetic justice.

This is exactly what happened when thousands of fish took over the now derelict New World Mall in Bangkok. The onetime Thai shopping emporium was shut down in 1997 due to building code violations and a massive fire that destroyed its roof. Apparently rainwater slowly filled the abandoned building and caused a major mosquito outbreak in the area. It was a bad enough problem that in an effort to stop the mosquitos, locals introduced freshwater fish to the abandoned mall to eat the insects.






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I supposed you could say their plan worked like a charm, because now mall is alive and kicking with thousands of thriving fish. Shops around the mall even sell fish food to tourists or the curious.

Proof that nature knows best.