Morning Yoga Love

What are the benefits of starting an early morning practice…from experience i can assure that it’s best to do Yoga early in the morning, not certainly the easiest time of day though – however the benefits far outweigh the early morning alarm.


5 Benefits of an Early Morning Yoga

1. Create a more Peaceful Start to Your Day

Breathing early morning in the fresh air is a great way to stay connected to yourself and your intuition throughout the rest of your day. Once those feel good hormones (endorphins) are released into your body you will be less liable to react to the tensions and anxieties that arise from juggling work & family life.

2. Boosts Your Metabolism and Helps to Improve Your Digestion.

Doing yoga early in the morning is all about taking care of yourself, and this will stimulate to shape the way you eat, you will want to make healthier food choices. Practicing early morning will certainly improve your digestion.

3. Helps to Regulate Your Sleep Pattern

Getting up early will mean you will not want to go to bed late or on a full stomach, so you will be ready to head to bed that little bit earlier making for a more restful night’s sleep. Once you get into the routine you will be starting to love that feel good feeling you will get from knowing you have done your practice and re-connected to yourself, that getting out of bed won’t be so hard. “Early To Bed Early To Rise“.

4. Self-Empowerment

Getting up early for a yoga class requires discipline but once you get in the practice of it you will begin to feel like a self-empowered soul, being more disciplined really helps inspire your life, creating a sense of achievement which means you’re on your way to a more productive day and feeling great about it too.

5. Early Morning Practice may Actually Help Increase Your Flexibility and Make you Feel Less Achy Throughout the Day

Once you get yourself stretching first thing in the morning you will take that feeling and muscle memory into the rest of your day easing you feel more free and flexible and less achy and stiff.

So are you inspired to spin yourself out of bed and get to your mat early to start an inspired day by practicing Yoga?

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