Prayer is when you talk to god; Meditation is when God talks to you”. – Anonymous

Many people sit and meditate to achieve spiritual growth or inner transformation

1) We Slowly get rid of our Masks – Most of us have at least some fake masks that we wear in our daily life. We conjure up to be somebody other than who we truly are so that we can fit in with the crowd. With meditation we can find immense of happiness in being our true selves. We become much more aware of the times in our life that we are being illusive, when we are trying hard to gratify others, or when we are afraid to go away from things that no longer serve us or others. The value of this has to be experienced to be appreciated, but would you rather stress yourself out trying to be someone you are not? Or would you rather get to know who you are and live an honest life?

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2) Buddhists and Yogis have taught meditation as a practice for spiritual growth for millennia. They counsel it as a way to achieve liberation from the misery we all face in our world. Through regular meditation practice we purify our hearts and minds to become better people. You can be religious or not and still have a regular meditation practice in your life. Spirituality is not about a journey prescribed by an outside authority, it is your own journey to find value and purpose in life.

3) You enhance your intuition. We go to school to educate our intellect. We go inwards in meditation to train our instinct. Our intuition is extremely valuable in many areas of life. We are much more likely to make the best choices for others and ourselves when we listen to the voice of our intuition. It is a feeling inside of us that indicates us to follow a course of action. With the endless natter of the intellect it can be very challenging to hear our intuition. With regular meditation practice we become much more aware of this inner feeling. It can guide us in business, relationships and our health endeavors. But like anything, we need to practice it.

4) You are able to release unhealthy attachments that no longer help you. With meditation you become aware of just how attached you have become emotionally to people, places and things. With meditation you can outset to release the attachments. This does not mean that you cannot own anything in your life; it just means that it won’t own you. You will experience less fear of losing these life experiences and enjoy them more while they are in your life. Practice is what we need.

5) You are contributing to world peace. Believe it or not researchers have studied the effects of groups of people meditating together and it has been shown to reduce the crime rate in the city of New York. Before meditation began and after it had finished the crime rates were elevated. During the period of time that meditators sat and meditated, the crime rates dropped. It may sound crazy at first but think of the effect that large groups of people, all concentrating on inner peace, would have on the people around them. It may just have inspired others to take a more peaceful approach to their day.

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