Somewhere in the frigid depths of Canada’s Bay of Fundy, a gigantic lobster nicknamed “King Louie” is breathing a huge sigh of relief.

The rare mammoth crustacean, measuring nearly 4 feet long and weighing in at an astounding 23 pounds, was recently captured and put up for sale in a southern New Brunswick lobster shop. With an estimated age of at least 100 years, the lobster quickly attracted attention from locals.

massive lobster

Elizabeth MacDonald, an employee of the Alma Lobster Shop, holds up a huge lobster in Alma, N.B. on Saturday, Nov.26, 2016. 

“This is a big, big lobster,” Catherine MacDonald, who owns the Alma Lobster Shop, told the Canadian Press. “My daughter put it next to a three pound lobster, which is large, and most people have never seen a three-pound lobster, and it was as big as his claw.”

Lucky for King Louie, a vegan activist from Nova Scotia heard about his plight and paid $230 to set him free. Then on a fishing vessel similar to the one that picked him up, the King was returned to his underwater throne.

“It went full circle,” MacDonald quipped. “It was released on a vessel out in the Bay of Fundy in front of the village.”

And long may he reign.

Source: [mnn]