As people continue discovering the vast world around them, today’s discoveries are yesterdays realities. And while you may hope that these discoveries may be more exiting like inter dimensional portals to higher realms of existence (or lower..), It’s turning out that some less-fun stuff is being discovered as well on a every day basis.

Because what a ship in the Persian Gulf discovered looks a heck of a lot like Godzilla.

Sailors in the Gulf came upon this massive piece of debris and went in closer to get a better look… only to see it wasn’t debris at all.


Instead, it looks a lot like the corpse of the long lost cousin of the Loch Ness monster.


The boat was unable to bring the huge creature along with them for testing.


I’ve seen enough monster movies to know those sailors dodged a big bullet there. Some suspect that it’s actually the carcass of a large whale, but can’t say for sure. Share this with your friends and see what they think!