(TruthSeekerDaily) More and more, we’re hearing about the government infringing on our rights. Lately, more often than not, it’s local governments stepping in and telling us what we can’t do. It’s important to make laws to keep people safe, but this proposed ordinance took it way too far, and it wasn’t the brainchild of the government either.

West Des Moines resident Donald McNutt, motivated to action by his neighbor’s corn, proposed a ban on planting fruits and vegetables in their front yards. Finally, a hero steps up to challenge the horror of unregulated horticulture.
“What’s to prevent them or anyone else now from this spring, bulldozing their entire front yard and planting a garden?” Asked McNutt with a straight face. Which prompts my own question:

Who on Earth would rent a bulldozer to get rid of some grass? Don’t be silly.

Unfortunately for McNutt, most of his neighbors didn’t share his opinion that front yards should be uniform. McNutt withdrew the proposal after citizens called and emailed to express their concerns that their rights as property owners would be violated by the new rule.

Unfortunately, banning front yard gardens is a growing trend. But where we see gardens under attack, we can step up and express our thoughts. Working together, case after case, we’ve been able to force municipalities to back off.

Credits: [higherperspective]