(TruthSeekerDaily) What may look like an innocent women’s beauty accessory, could quite possible get you out of a pinch in a hurry. Not to mention it’s innovative design may outsmart airport security — at least for now.


The clip, named Leatherdos, is essentially a hair clip that has been specially crafted to serve as a multitool.

Intelligently designed into this small stainless steel clip are multiple screwdrivers, a trolley coin, a ruler, 8 mm (5/16) wrench and a cutting surface. It’s basically a toolbox that can be worn in your hair.



Although it’s the perfect female survival accessory, it isn’t marketed solely to women. This tiny tool has been man-tested and MacGyver-approved.   Men could clip it anywhere, the back of a tie would be a good option.

And just in case you need to use a few hair tools to get yourself out of a jam, this video shows how to pick a lock with just a few bobby pins.

H/T: [Gizmodo]