(TruthSeekerDaily)  Billboards can commonly be considered as commercial installments that obstruct nature and our view, representing consumerism.  Chances are they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so why not turn a negative into a positive, giving them a purpose for good rather than greed? 

This is exactly what one Slovakian design agency, Design Develop is doing.  Using some ingenuity, the group has conceptualized generous structures to help the homeless by simply using using a broad side of a small building as a billboard along the freeway.    


The billboards might look small, but on the inside you’ll be surprised to see just how spacious these giant ads are.homeless2

The first room features an entrance hall, kitchen area, and a small office space, not to mention a raised bed and storage area.  homeless3


The second room has a full bathroom.homeless5

It’s not the biggest home you can live in, but it has everything a person needs to feel comfortable.homeless6

These billboard homes are a way of giving living space to the homeless without expensive maintenance costs.homeless7

Off-grid technology such as solar panels and composting toilets are being considered for the project, making these homes eco-friendly too!homeless8

This brilliant idea truly gives back to the community and cares for the environment at the same time.  It’s giving back without taking anything away.  Their are solutions to social issues out there when one truly thinks outside the box.

h/t: [ Fubiz ]

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