Thanks to the British design firm Blue Forest, a family is “Living the High Life” in one of the coolest tree houses you’ll ever see. While it has a medieval-influenced architectural style, this tree house is anything but old school. There haven’t been many homes (on or off the ground) that feature a rope bridge, zip line, and obstacle course… definitely not with an interior like this.

Take a look!

1. The tree house is made up of two sections.

2. This is the children’s quarters.

3. The interior.

4. Whoa! There’s even a secret room!

5. One of the bridges that connects it to…

6. The adults’ quarters.

7. The interior.

8. Plenty of space to throw a party. I hope their
friends aren’t afraid of heights.

(via: designboom)

This tree house is too cool. If I were their neighbor, I’d be glad it’s up as high as it is. If you want to keep your jealousy in check, you can just make sure you’re staring at the ground as you walk down the block.

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