(TruthSeekerDaily) The zombie apocalypse may never happen, but hey, maybe it’s a good idea to own a house like this just in case. The fortress is virtually indestructible. Thieves, rioters and even an army couldn’t get in once you lock up.

It’s perfect. Especially if you hate socializing.

Nothing is getting in, or getting out, of this house’s complex.Complex1

It was made to withstand any and all attacks.Complex2

And obviously, it would be perfect if you ever need indestructible protection.Complex3

All of the windows and open areas are shuttered when you want them to be.Complex4

It is completely closed off.Complex5

But, at the touch of a button, the coverings will be rolled back.Complex6

The stairway is unaccessible normally, but suddenly appears.Complex7

The house actually is covered in windows, but can be made into a fortress.Complex8

Not only is it strong, but it’s beautiful.Complex9

Full of awesome rooms to keep you busy during any kind of apocalypse.Complex10

Although at the first sign of trouble you should probably close the doors.Complex11

Because most of the house is actually glass without the steel coverings.Complex12


And say goodbye to being bothered by nosy neighbors.