(TruthSeekerDaily)  This group of musicians will likely blow you away with their unique musical talent.

A group of five performers from Denmark, who call themselves The Bottle Boys, perform music entirely by blowing into and banging on empty bottles.  They have just released a new online video of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

The group members met in college while attending the University of Copenhagen.  During this time, the boys were at a party that was suddenly devoid of entertainment.  In an attempt to bring excitement to the room, they got constructively creative and used the plethora of empty beer bottles that surrounded them to do so.

“It was a really boring party,” he said from Copenhagen on Monday. “We were all into music so we tried to see if we could play using the bottles.”

The Bottle Boys are now building up a healthy fan base through their YouTube channel, although they have been performing for nine years at festivals and concerts around the world.  One of the groups more recent appearances was here in the U.S, a first for them,  where they performed near Wall Street in Manhattan before the Super Bowl.

Although the band members have very few restrictions on what type of music they can play, they mostly stick to pop songs.

Without further ado, please enjoy Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” as performed by The Bottle Boys!

h/t: [ YouTube ]

This is an ingenuitive way to put waste to good use!  The Bottle Boys are redefining recycling as we know it.