(TruthSeekerDaily)  Tomorrow marks a monumental day in history.  It’s the full moon in June that falls on Friday the 13th, an ironic combination of superstitious events that won’t collaborate again until the year 2049.

Skywatchers will get a special treat as a full moon occurs on a Friday the 13th, in the rhyming month of June, which has not happened with all these details in one day since 1919.

Friday’s unique moon is also known as both the ‘Strawberry” moon as well as the “Honey” moon.  What makes this type of moon extra specials is that although the actual full moon will occur very early Friday morning, it will still be nearly full when it rises in the east by that evening.

The “strawberry” name comes from the fact that it’s strawberry season, and Algonquin Native American tribes knew this was the time of year to gather them, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  The secondary name, “Honey Moon”, comes from the fact that it has a slightly golden tint.

The last time a full moon fell on a Friday the 13th of any month, was on October 13, 2000. The last time it will happen until Oct. 13, 2049.

h/t: [ 9News ]

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