(TruthSeekerDaily) With all the negative news that fills media outlets online and on our televisions, we need something positive to balance it out.

Cops sometimes act out against our rights, taking their authority to heights never intended by the badge they bear, and subsequently victimize citizens in some cases. However, this report about a police officer is not one of those kinds of stories, on the contrary it will warm your heart. We need more incidences like this to circulate our country and bring back faith in humanity. Afterall, the small acts of kindness build up bigger gestures of generosity.

This graphic below will hopefully get the ball rolling. Maybe from it, more police will pay it forward rather than just write tickets to fulfill a quota.


Whether this specific incidence restores your faith in humanity or not, there is no denying that this young boy from a rough area is reassured in his impression of police officers.  Maybe rather than making them the enemy, acting out against authority, he’ll build on his respect for them, and not fear them.

Source: [ 9Gag ]