(TruthSeekerDaily)  Police Officare often associated with an egotistical attitude and in general get a bad rap.  So when one comes along that acts contrary to that reputation, it’s a good time to take note!  This officer does not act like the tough guy, in fact anything but.  Instead of stopping traffic for the typical reason officers do, this compassionate cop halted cars so a special family could cross the road.

Officer Kevin Putzy with the Eau Claire Police Department in Wisconsin made sure this mother duck and her ducklings could get across the road safely.

Watch the precious moment take place:

Putzy’s touching act gained a lot of national attention, which brought about some teasing from his fellow officers at his station.  As such he was rewarded with some duck-themed cupcakes — and he wouldn’t even eat the duck decoration.


In the case of good cop versus bad cop, Officer Putzy is definitely the good cop.


h/t: [ You Tube ]