(TruthSeekerDaily) A woman named Triana Lavey from Los Angeles, California has gone through intensive plasic surgery on her face in order to look perfect before the camera.

Triana, 38, has had a chin implant, nose job, cheek-defining fat grafts and regular Botox and now says that she has got the face she always wanted to have. And all this to get the perfect selfie!


Apparently Triana ‘hated’ her look in her Facebook and Instagram photos and in a desperate bid to look more photogenic, she got the surgeries done after spending a whooping amount of moolah.

And the lady couldn’t be happier. She was quoted telling ABC’s Nightline, “I look like myself, but Photoshopped.”

When asked as to what exactly prompted her to take such an extreme step, Triana explained that her obsession to look perfect was fuelled by the overwhelming rise of social media over the last few years.


“It skews our perception of how we should look I think it’s making ourselves hold ourselves to a higher unrealistic standard.

“When you do see a picture of yourself hanging out, your instinct is, “oh I wish I were tanner or not wrinkled” or “wish this” and this is a natural response due to the culture we’re gearing towards,” she was quoted saying.

She also added that not everyone is born beautiful and a nip and tuck wouldn’t harm anyone.

Gushing over her newly sculpted ‘selfie’ face, Triana who is a talent manager for the uFluencer Group, a public relations firm that develops online talent,   also revealed that she got a special discount on all the procedures as her surgeon is a good friend.

h/t [IndiaToday.intoday.in]

The ever-increasing obsession with selfies is now leading to an increase in young people seeking cosmetic surgery, experts express fear.

The viral rise of mobile phone pictures taken by oneself, coupled with an obsession with celebrity lifestyle has led to the creation of unrealistic notions of reality, they say.
A new research has shown that one in three plastic surgeons in the US has reported an increase in the number the under-30s willing to go under the knife, especially from ‘patients being more self-aware of looks in social media’.

In the US, selfie pressure is now a common trend and has led to a 10% rise in nose jobs and 7% in hair transplants.

Triana just went ahead and confirmed the trend