(TruthSeekerDaily) If you know someone who is a pet owner, chances are they care for their pets as if they were a close distant relative of theirs. But one man decided to step it up a notch and build a cat playground inside his house. Not just a part of his house or a single room, but the entire house… Love for one’s pet = maximum!


It started with a huge pile of wood, a love for cats, desire to do something nice, and obscene amount of free time.



Then, the building began. Cats love being in high places, so why not build a walkway?


… that spans the entire house.


The entire house is decked out in these walkways and there is even a cage outside for the kitties, so they can get some fresh air.


And for the cats who like to spectate on their human friends, there is even a walkway into the bathroom.



This man’s life and disposable income is dedicated to supporting the cats that roam his house. No more living on the streets for these little fellas.



Everyone in the house loves the “Kitty Stimulus Package,” even the man’s wife.


Once again, it would seem like being a cat is not so bad with a owner like this one! This is definitely good karma.



Source: [Reddit]