(TruthSeekerDaily) A storm blew a blinded baby sparrow onto a balcony. The couple that found him thought he was a goner, but he made a recovery (with a little help) no one ever expected:

During a stormy night, a baby sparrow was blown on to a balcony. He was covered in ants, blind and barely alive.



Moved by his plight, the couple that found him brought him inside and tried to feed him. He chirped incessantly until they put him outside.



Then, daddy came. He found his son and began bringing him food every 10-15 minutes for 2 weeks.



The little chick was regaining his strength – and even hiding from his human rescuers.sparrow4


After a quick call to the vet, even the blindness was cured with some simple eye drops.



Soon, he gained enough strength to fly away. After a rough and stormy night, his foster parents feared the worst… but luckily, they spotted him roosting in their flower pots soon after.sparrow6