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There were no protests nor will there be for the death of Robert Lawrence.  The Alabama man was turning in a stray animal at a local animal shelter when he apparently caused a commotion due to the shelter’s identification requirement.  In an ensuing altercation with the police, the man ended up being shot and later died at the hospital.

From Gateway Pundit:

Robert Lawrence, who police say called himself a ‘sovereign citizen’ but which his lawyer disputes, was reportedly accompanied by a woman and children at the time.

Dothan First reported Lawrence became ‘combative’ when asked to produce identification at the animal shelter. Police reportedly first tazed Lawrence to no effect, he was then shot in the abdomen. There is no mention of Lawrence being armed.

Lawrence was taken to the hospital where he died Tuesday night.The Dothan Eagle reported the Alabama State Bureau of Investigations is reviewing the shooting death.

Dothan First reported Lawrence had a troubled history, having served ninety days in jail this year for making “Harassing Communications.”

Lawrence’s attorney Terry Bullard called the killing of his client “needless” but did not fault the officer who shot Lawrence.

Clearly the police knew Lawrence before this incident but the full details will come out much later, as they always do.

From the Dothan Eagle in Alabama:

Police say Lawrence had gone to the animal shelter to turn over a stray animal, but became disorderly when told he could not leave an animal without showing identification. Police say Lawrence was a sovereign citizen, which is a group of people whose political ideology often leaves them at odds with the government.

Lawrence was told repeatedly to calm down, according to police, then was advised he was being placed under arrest. An altercation then occurred and Lawrence was shot in the abdomen.

The officer who shot the man was uninjured, as were the shelter employees and animals.

The State Bureau of Investigations is looking into the shooting.

Where is the outrage?  Where are the protesters?  No looting, no arson, no crime?   An investigation must certainly be made in this case.  It seems severe that a guy would simply try to turn in a stray animal and ends up dead.

If the officer did indeed behave improperly and protests did occur, you can bet there wouldn’t be looting, arson or more crime on innocent people.

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