After residents in Mentor, Ohio spotted a deer with its head stuck in a plastic pumpkin, they rallied together to free the poor animal who was unable to eat or drink. Officials with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources tried to help the allusive deer, but it was a quick-thinking teen who ultimately rescued the deer.

With the deer’s head and entire mouth enclosed in the plastic Halloween bucket, every minute counted. When the deer couldn’t be caught by wildlife officials, Cameron Merritt, decided to hide in hunting blind to blend in with the surrounding woods and grab the deer when it got close enough. As he went to reach for the deer’s head, and the pumpkin fell off.

According to officials, the deer was unharmed and ran away after being freed. Although this story had a happy ending, locals are hoping this story serves as a reminder to all parents not to leave their Halloween candy buckets out again.

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h/t [littlethings]