Let’s face it, sometimes when you see a cool life hack on Pintrest or the web they don’t always work. You get your hopes up, follow the directions perfectly and you all you end up with is a a big fat fail and a waste of money. It’s a total bummer.

Thankfully, our friends over at At Home With P. Allen Smith are here to show us an awesome Halloween hack that actually works when it comes to illuminating your sidewalk and porch in style!

All you need are a few mason jars, some glow sticks – which you can snag at the dollar store – some glitter and in just a matter of seconds, you have the hippest and craftiest way to light up your neighborhood! You’re sure to be the talk of the town with this awesome trick! The jars will illuminate for about two hours, a perfect amount of time to hand out all those delicious treats to neighborhood ghost and goblins!

Enjoy and please SHARE.

h/t [littlethings]