Experiment: When Mom Ignores Baby

This video so powerfully reveals the impact of child neglect. From giving her baby all the love and attention she can provide — and showing that love via facial expressions, like any mother would — her baby is visibly happy, content and fulfilled. But as soon as Mom stares at the baby, expressionless and unwilling to react to any of the baby’s pleas for attention, the baby begins to grow uncomfortable, confused and frustrate to the point of tears.


Developed by psychology professor Ed Tronick, this is his “Still Face Experiment.” He says, “What’s really striking about the still face experiment is that the infants don’t stop trying to get the parents’ attention back. They’ll go through repeated cycles where they try to elicit attention, fail, turn away, sad and disengaged, then they turn back and try again.”

It’s an incredible experiment that every mother should see.