(TruthSeekerDaily) Two workers clearing a path for electric lines made an unexpected friend in the woods.

As they write on their YouTube page, they came across this fawn who was tangled in some thorns and directly in a tree’s fall path. While getting the baby deer out of the way, they calmed it down by rubbing its belly. Little did they know that that’s the way to a fawn’s heart. Because as soon as they started to put it back on the ground, it cried for more belly rubs.

The fawn’s new best friend writes:

He followed us around the job site like a lost puppy for about an hour until I noticed a doe watching us from the hillside. Assuming this was his mother, I carried him about halfway up the hill while she watched attentively. I sat him down, he ran straight to her, and they walked off together.

So a happy ending for everyone! And now we all know the key to a baby fawn’s heart.