(TruthSeekerDaily) Animals are just like us in the way that they need compassion, comfort and community. No animal should be left alone in life, but unfortunately tragedies happen and many animals find themselves abandoned and scared.

The following stories are guaranteed to lift your spirits and pull on your heartstrings. Below, you will meet 20 animals who took in orphaned, abandoned, lost and injured animals and accepted them as family. Help can often come from someone you least expect, but as you will read below, sometimes mother or father’s instincts kick in.

Can you believe a tiger adopted baby piglets or that a chicken and goose teamed up to raise abandoned ducklings?! There’s nothing sweeter than animals helping other animals in need, regardless of their species. Don’t you wish some humans could be so compassionate?

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1. Rex
After a 4-month-old joey kangaroo’s mother was killed by a car, senior dog Rex, a German Pointer, took the baby in.pet1

2. Tita
Tita the cat nursed a red squirrel back to health after his owner found him injured in a park in Envigado, Colombia.pet2

3. Zoe
After this spotted lamb was rejected by his mother, he hooked up with someone else with spots, dalmatian Zoe.pet3

4. Mama Dog
This mother dog step-parented three lion cubs when their mother abandoned them after birth at a safari park in Hefei, China.


5. Owen
Baby hippopotamus Owen was rescued by wildlife rangers in Mombasa, Kenya after surviving the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, in which he lost his mother. Owen turned to this giant male Aldabran tortoise and made him his “mother”.pet5

6. Sugar
When Sugar the cat’s owners brought in a a sick baby squirrel, Sugar took him in with her litter of kittens and help nurture him back to health.pet6

7. Murray
Three badgers were orphaned outside of the Secret World Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, CA and Murray the dog stepped up as their surrogate parent.pet7

8. Sai Mai
Sai Mai the tiger adopted a litter of baby pigs at Sriracha Tiger Centre in Thailand. Strangely enough, the center also had a pig who took in some lonely tiger cubs!pet8

9. Valentine
When Valentine the peahen accidentally sat on and hatched a goose egg, she raised the gosling as her own.pet9

10. Jess
Sheepdog Jess helps to bottle feed orphaned lambs who can not be fed by their mothers.

11. Smaigel
Smaigel the cat nursed and adopted four orphaned puppies, joining them with her kitten litter after their mother died tragically in a car accident.pet11

12. Koa
Gold Retriever Koa took in the wild bunnies she found outside her family’s San Francisco home.pet12

13. Cora
Two-month-old tiger Cora was rejected by her mother in Northern France she was taken on by this loving dog. Cora also became best buddies with another pup the dog adopted.

14. Miwa and Uri-bo
Baby monkey Miwa and baby boar Uri-bo were both found without their mothers and became inseperable at Fukuchiyama City Zoo in the Kyoto, Japan.


15. Rocky
Great Dane Rocky became inseparable from abandoned deer fawn Cindy at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Somerset, NJ.


16. Henrietta and Gertie
Henrietta the chicken and Gertie the goose joined together and adopted three ducklings at an Iowa farm.pet16

17. Summer
When Summer the rabbit’s owner brought home an entire litter of abandoned kittens, Summer helped raise them as her own.


18. Mac
Border Collie Max stepped in and snuggled four Vietnamese pot-bellied piglets who were rejected by their mother at an animal hospital.


19. Hiroko
Hiroko the cat became mother to two abandoned ducklings after the tragic death of her three kittens.

20. Little Brown
This Jersey cow stepped up and nursed two hungry newborn lambs in New Zealand.pet30