(TruthSeekerDaily) “Bear” was abandoned, 16 years-old and on the brink of death. No one in their right mind would adopt him from a shelter. However, one family did. The results were amazing.

His fur was either matted or missing and he was just a skeleton of a dog. But thanks to a little food, grooming and (most importantly) love… Norman transformed into an entirely different dog.

Bear’s information page at the shelter; a 16 year-old dog needing help.Bear1

His ride to freedom.Bear2

The first day home.Bear3

Norman (his new name) found a cozy spot for naps.Bear4

Lots of naps.


He started living the good life.Bear6

Eating and napping were his favorite past times.Bear7

Also, he loved to be loved.Bar7

After being rescued, he had an entirely different outlook on life… and look.Bear8

Dog adoption not only saves lives, it makes them so much better.