(TruthSeekerDaily) We individuals can take the most inaccuable items and make something incredible with them, it has the power to truly impress. Such creativity knows no bounds. That’s exactly the case here, where one artist saw some nails and more than a basic construction item.

From close up, David Foster’s work does not look like much.nails1

But if you stand back far enough something amazing forms right before your eyes.nails2

The pointillism effect created by the nails in the wood is incredibly detailednails3

But the technique is very time-consuming and and painstaking.nails4

Still, the result is completely worth the effort.nails5


Its interesting because the art doesn’t look like nails and wood.nails7

But more like graphite sketched with pencils on paper.nails8

How this artist can visualize the image as a whole while he works on just one nail is hard to imagine.
h/t: [OV]