(TruthSeekerDaily) What’s that old saying “All knowledge is worth having,”? Well maybe they should add a second part to that. Here’s my proposal, “All knowledge is worth having, but not all knowledge is useful.”

These 31 pretty much completely useless facts are good examples of that. The upside though, is that armed with this new, useless knowledge you’re going to be much more interesting at parties. Maybe? Hopefully?


1.) Ewww.
2.) Getting creative.facts2
3.) That’s a nice little life hack.facts3
4.) Very sneaky.facts4
5.) Because, science!facts5
6.) How would they even find this out?facts6
7.) I wish I could do that.facts7
8.) I’d actually like to see that.facts8
9.) This has got to be the best picture ever.facts9
10.) That would explain a lot of things.facts10
11.) That’s berry good to know.facts11
12.) The all seeing bee.facts12
13.) The more you know.facts13
14.) Seem a little harsh.facts14
15.) Saves on Q-Tips.facts15
16.) That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think?facts16
17.) Today I learned that kangaroos are mobsters.facts17
19.) You would only a mistake like that once.facts18
19.) I never thought of it like that.facts19
20.) They’re moving in slow motion.facts20
21.) Then why do I always seem to get old ones?facts21
22.) Mind = blown.facts22
23.) I wouldn’t want to live there.facts23
24.) That’s a great name for a tree.facts24
25.) It’s probably better that way.facts25
26.) Well good thing I don’t make a habit of swallowing sea water.facts26
27.) Maybe they deserved it?facts27
28.) More candy for me then.facts28
31.) Wait, really?facts29

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

That one about Coke being green without artificial coloring is grossing me out. Share these useless, but interesting facts with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.