(TruthSeekerDaily)  Once a year, several planes full of fish fly low above some of Utah’s lakes and release hundreds of fish.  These fish are not being set free to enjoy their natural habitat, in fact they are inhumanely dumped there for other’s to enjoy their recreational free time, at the fish’s expense.

A local hatchery in Utah has made a business out of baby fish, particularly to raise them for the sole purpose of dropping them out of the bottom of a plane and into the waters below.  Ted Hallows, who supervises the State Hatchery in Kamas, UT, attends to the fish, feeding them until they are grown enough to be released into the wild.

“We’re in charge of coordinating the aerial stock statewide,” Hallows said.“In June and July we aerial stock tiger trout, a lot of brook trout, rainbow trout and splake and then in the fall we put cutthroat trout and arctic grayling in the lakes.” 

It’s the wildlife experts with the Division of Wildlife Resources job to make sure the lakes are filled with Utah’s native fish, and sometimes the only way to get there is by plane.  The fish come out of a compartment at the bottom of the aircraft. Hundreds, sometimes up to a thousand, 3-inch fingerlings are set free, but they don’t always make it into the water alive.  

Regardless of the fact that a percentage of the fish die on their drop down into the water, anglers are happy to hear someone is keeping the state’s lakes stocked for their recreational fishing enjoyment.

“Overall I think, for recreational fishermen, it’s an awesome thing, because it’s almost Darwinian: you take the fish, whoever survives, survives and the other fish will find its way out,” Fisherman George Chao said.

Depending on the fish species, some are stocked every year, and others every three years.  This Go-Pro video filmed by Ted Hallows of the state’s hatchery, shows the brutality of aerial stocking, dropping them into the lion’s den in the name of ‘good time’.

h/t: [ Fox13 ]