(TruthSeekerDaily) Many people understood why Monica Smith began working on her 8×10 shed in the back yard… and then they laughed when they realized she was turning it into a tiny cabin. It seemed strange that she was putting so much effort into just a shed. But it wasn’t just a hobby. Her youngest daughter and 5 children lost their home. So, Monica decided to give them her own and move out to the back yard.

This may be the coolest grandmother ever.

She was able to transform an 8×10 toolshed into a livable home.Gma1

The resulting “cabin” had 2 stories.Gma2

It had an adorable full kitchen.Gma3

There was even cupboard space.Gma4

On the other side of the cabin is the living room. It’s hard to believe that a shed could fit so much furniture.Gma5


There’s even a small dining area downstairs.Gma7



Once you go upstairs, you’ll see a bedroom.Gma10

Inside there is room for a bed, plus a built-in table and closet.Gma11





The outside is not yet finished, but the inside is amazing! Monica didn’t even hire contractors to help her complete this project. She did all of the work herself, only getting some assistance from her children and grandchildren.

Monica’s other daughter, Anna, said that the main house is only a 2 bedroom, which is why there wasn’t enough space for all of them to live there. The selflessness of her to give up her own home so her family would have more space is so inspiring.

Monica Smith, you win the Grandmother of the Year award.