(TruthSeekerDaily)  We learn about science in school, take required yearly courses of it, but with all that time spent in the text book many of us have never learned just how amazing nature and science are until you see these following GIF’s. Learning about life is always cool, but made better when in slow motion, when you can truly see the magic in it.

Here are 36 insanely awesome videos that show everything from magic floating boats, to water pitchers made from sound waves, you won’t believe what you see.


1. Ever wonder how a dog drinks water?


2. Blood and snake venom DO NOT mix. You’ll want to avoid this cocktail.


3. The arctic summer “night,” ladies and gentlemen.GIF5


4. The Earth compared to the largest known star. Feel insignificant yet?



5. You’ll never have to wonder how a key works again.GIF8


6. Gas in a jar + fire = smiley faces.


7. Sound waves can suspend water? Who knew?!

8. Soy sauce is incredibly high in sodium (we know, doctor) which causes dead fish nerves to become active and spasm.

9. Ladybugs have the most inefficient takeoff ever.

10. It’s like an incredibly painful vacuum cleaner!

11. Putting blood into hydrogen peroxide is awful.GIF15

12. OMG there are flying snakes in the world. They’re called Chrysopelea.GIF16

13. You won’t believe how good at camouflage this octopus is…GIF17

14. Here’s a slow motion gif of a popped balloon. Just because…GIF20

15. Chain gang.


16. OMG I have to do this with my computer.


17. Dry ice and dish soap. Boom.


18. This is how the human face develops in the womb.GIF24

19. Put an egg in water and this is what you get.GIF25

20. “Everyone loves a slinky!”


21. This is “Mercury II Thyiocyante” decomposing. Who cares… it’s amazing.GIF28

22. “Lean on me, when you’re not strong…”


23. Gas igniting in a jar, again… because it’s still awesome.GIF30

24. This tadpole is growing up fast…GIF32

25. Gallium, which is used in most electronics, has a melting temperature of 85F. This is what happens when you put it in boiling water…GIF33

26. Don’t play with matches, watch them instead.GIF34

27. Whoa. No wonder the bunny uses Energizer.


There’s no denying it, science is spectacular!  

h/t: [eBaum’sWorld ]

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