stopped the war
This gentleman- Vasili Arkhipov- is said to be the real person who stopped a possible World War as well as a nuclear war!

How did he stop WWIII alone?

• Around half century ago, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov was in Soviet submarine B-59.
• The US had been dropping powerful bombs near the submarine to force it back to surface, not knowing that has nuclear arms.
• The Soviet officers lost radio contact with Moscow and thought that World War 3 had started
• Two of the officers agreed to ‘explode the warships out of water.’
• But Arkhipov declined to agree with his Captain’s command to open nuclear strikes against US warships.
• This might have been a start of fatal superpower nuclear conflict.
• A unanimous approval of three officers was required.
• Since he said NO, we are all here!
• BBC is finally airing a documentary on it.

Do you Feel thankful for such persons on the planet?

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h/t [theunknownbutnothidden]