(TruthSeekerDaily) Ramen noodles are a starchy staple of college student’s meals, at least the version of them most of know here in America.  This pseudo ‘food’ is the holy grail of cheap eats for the super budget-challenged individual.  Frugal goodies have recently gotten increasingly creative with them, which brought about the invention of the Ramen burger.

But are you ready to learn how these peculiar noodles are made?

In this short from Potluck Video, a crew travels to Sun Noodles in New Jersey to learn the magic that goes into making this starchy snack.

The process might not be what you expect. It’s far different from the traditional technique of making these noodles by hand, which was how ramen noodles originated.

It needs to be known, however, that Sun Noodles supplies fresh noodles — as opposed to the dry, brick-formed noodles generally found in grocery stores.  Sun Noodles are used in popular ‘Pho’ restaurants, which provide healthy and delicious dining to many.

h/t: [YouTube]