(TruthSeekerDaily)  Self-taught street artist David Zinn is taking chalk creations to a whole new environmental level.  With an imagination full of charismatic cartoons, he dresses up found flaws in nature with sweet lovable creatures.  His temporary art is composed entirely of charcoal, chalk, and found objects, with the planet as his palette.  


These chalk cartoon characters come to lifeChalk2

They are even designed to interact with their surroundings.Chalk3

A sweet wave from a surprise visitor makes you smileChalk4

A crack becomes a tide trail behind a little boat


This little fella is off to work just like those that pass him byChalk7


He really knows how to make use of sidewalk flaws!Chalk9

Bloom where you are planted.Chalk10

Zinn’s small characters are big on personality and are certain to brighten a bad day of an unsuspecting passerby.  This artist does  more than delight the eyes with his designs, he brightens people’s spirits, brings drops of joy into an otherwise dull day, and reminds adults to live with childlike curiosity.

h/t: [ 1mPics ]

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