(TruthSeekerDaily)   From scaling steep cliff faces to slacklining at dizzying heights, the people in these death-defying photos are true daredevils, including the photographers who captured these photos.

The photos are so detailed and perfectly photographed that their antics will have you biting your nails in fear just looking at them!

1. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Mountain bikers ride along the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, known as one of the most terrifying bike paths in the world.Photo2

2. Pedra da Gavea Highline, Brazil

Brian Mosbaugh walks the Pedra de Gavea highline, high over the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.photo3

3.  Kjeragbolten, Rogaland, Norway

A man daringly stands atop Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged in a mountain crevice that’s suspended above a 3,228-foot deep abyss.photo4

4. Campers on an Arctic Cliff

A group of climbers camp out in tents hanging off a 4,000-foot cliff face in the Arctic.photo5

5. The Fang, Vail, Colorado

Sam Elias climbs up the Fang, a 100-foot high ice pillar in Vail, Colorado.photo6

6. The Dolomites, Italy

A pair of climbers hang from the face of the Dolomites in Italy.photo8

7. Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail, China

An adventurous group walk along the infamous plank path of the Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail.photo9

8. Lower Mesa Falls, Idaho, USA

Kayaker Jesse Coombs plunges over the 65-foot tall Lower Mesa Falls near Ashton, Idaho.photo10

9. Borovitskaya Tower, Moscow, Russia

A dare-devil stands on top of the star adorned 177-foot Borovitskaya tower in Moscow, Russia.photo11

10. The Azores, Portugal

Todor Spasov dives off the cliffs in the Azores, during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.photo12

11. A Railroad Track in Washington, USA

A couple shows no fear as the lay on a railroad track inches away from plummeting into the forest below.photo13

12. Trolltunga, Norway

A women poses on Trolltunga, a piece of rock hanging out 2,300 feet above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway.photo14

13. Haines, Alaska, USA

Freeskier Dane Tudor drops into a line in Haines, Alaska.photo15

14. Moab, Utah, USA

Emily Sukiennik slacklines across the amazing geography of Moab in Utah.photo16

15. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA

Rock climber Alex Honnold sits on a ledge on the Northwest Face of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.photo17

16. California, USA

Two people scale up an enormous Redwood tree in California.photo18

17. Ellison’s Cave, Lafayette, Georgia

A man hangs in the 586-foot Fantastic Cave Pit of Ellison’s Cave, the deepest unobstructed underground pitch in the continental US.photo19

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For those in these photos that were brave and skilled enough to accomplish these great feats, they are lucky to have it captured in such an amazing way.  We can all live vicariously through these incredible adventures, or for the thrill seeker, use them as inspiration.