(TruthSeekerDaily)  While out on a hike in Arizona to explore the majestic canyon red rocks, one outdoorsman had no idea what he was about to discover, that totally took him by surprise.   Possibly by fate, his walking path crossed with another’s who could really use his helping hand and caring heart.

He got to this point in his hike when he heard a noise coming from a hole in the rocks.Arizona1

He couldn’t tell exactly what was down there, but he knew it was something living… Arizona2

After repelling down 350 feet, he saw it: a dirty, thin and starving dog…Arizona3

“The only way he got here without having broken legs is someone actually put him here,” Zak said at the time… Arizona4

Zak named the dog Riley and immediately rushed him to the nearest hospital… Arizona5

Needless to say, the dog was very weak…Arizona6

Finally, after a few days of recovery, Riley was cleared to go home with his new owner…Arizona7

Thanks to Zak’s attentiveness, Riley soon returned to full strength…Arizona9

And they all lived happily ever after…Arizona8



Riley is now living the life he was always meant to lead with people that are a perfect match for him, met through fate.  It’s horrifying to think others are out there that would leave this pet to die in a desert, but comforting to know there are good people to counter their bad decisions, like Zak, who rescued Riley.  He stopped at nothing to help this discarded dog and certainly earned himself some great karma in doing so.

h/t: [ Opposing Views ]