(TruthSeekerDaily)  With a little creative thinking and craftiness, you can make the only travel stove you’ll ever need, and best of all it’s using just three items that are likely on hand, one of which would otherwise end up in the trash.  With just one beer can, a pocket knife, and rubbing alcohol, you can construct a well-working stove, that’s particularly efficient at boiling water.

Here’s how..using your pocket knife, cut the top of the can off along the indented ridge around the rim as your knife’s guide.  Next, simply cut the can in half horizontally.  From here, you will trim the top half and bottom half down to achieve the optimal size for your burner.  The bigger the can is the more fuel it can hold, and longer burn time you can maintain.  Then you will use your pocket knife again to make vertical dents around the top half of the can, as demonstrated in the video.  Once this step is complete, simply slide the top half of the can inside the bottom (basin) of the can.  Finally, you will make on tiny puncture in the top outer rim of the can.  With these steps complete, you will be ready to fill the can with rubbing alcohol, and light your fire.

This short video visually demonstrates with easy to follow instructions on how to make this stove:


It is important to note that safety should come first when constructing this stove as well as in using it.  While in use with a pot or the like sitting on this, the whole set up can become top heavy.  With the burning alcohol inside the can, there is risk of it splashing/spilling on the skin, which would cause severe burns.  All caution should be considered in every part of this endeavor.  With that being said however, you will find this to be a simple, economic, and easy solution for camping or as part of your preparedness plan.

h/t: [ Vimeo ]