(TruthSeekerDaily)  Every couple that plans their wedding wants to make it truly unique and the most memorable event for themselves and their guests.  For Gary and Tracy Richardson, this was certainly the case as they described wanting their wedding as wanting something a bit different while upholding tradition with a modern twist.

They definitely achieved what they set out to, in a way that likely turned out to be more impressive than what anyone ever thought.  Watch what “twist” their wedding had:

It’s their special day and they can choose to celebrate it any way they would like.  Although it seems that there are some who were in attendance that were less than impressed with this unique display of devotion.  At 1:38 into the video, two women seemingly had enough and get up and leave. Whether you love it or hate it, they seem to have succeeded in making their day very special.

Many wed in the summertime, share this with others who are planning a wedding, or planning on attending one.

h/t: [ YouTube ]