(TruthSeekerDaily)  This beautiful damn in Italy looks normal from afar, but when you zoom you notice there is something very unusual about it nobody would ever expect.  Along the broad side of an almost completely vertical damn are some very brave and determined goats expertly scaling their way up the side, in search of minerals.  Their precision and balance would make even the most expert rock climbers jealous! 


Photographer Paolo Seimandi, 34, captured the amusing moment the herd of alpine ibexes decided to scale the brick wall in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy.Wall3

These goats aren’t climbing for thrills or to show off to their grounded counterparts, they are in fact grazing by licking the stones for their salts and minerals.


The gravity-defying goats typically live in very steep and rocky terrain at very high altitudes and have no fear of falling whether climbing up or down the dam wall.Wall4

In the past the alpine ibex was just restricted to the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Maurienne Valley in the French Alps, but in recent years they have been spotted in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Interestingly, males and females occupy different habitats for the majority of the year.  Females tend to stick to steep terrain and males prefer to linger in lowland meadows.  But when the snow starts to fly, these herbivorous animals move to steep rocky slopes to avoid the snow.

h/t: [ Daily Mail ]

These daring animals are a wonderful example of living fearlessly, going after what you want, and not letting daunting circumstances hold you back.