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(TruthSeekerDaily) What you’re about to see is what happens when someone with a lot of love, brilliance and technological know-how can’t stand how frustrating the world can be sometimes, and decides to create something on his own. The results are nothing short of fantastic.

He chain smokes, he loves his guns, and he almost looks homeless, and yet this man is actually pretty damn awesome. Meet Doug Coulter. A guy who spends his time doing everything from being a gunsmith to a DIY engineer. His ability is so amazing that he’s built a nuclear fusion reactor in his basement. Yup.

Motherboard visited Coulter to see his DIY fusion reactor and to see how he lives, and it makes for a really wonderful short documentary. Coulter’s way of life and outlook on things is refreshing, he just makes good shit. He has open sourced his gun and ammo making techniques and shares everything on his engineering forum. Motherboard writes:

But Doug’s most exciting creation is his guerilla-engineered nuclear fusion reactor. Doug’s pursuit for a limitless source of clean and self-sufficient energy takes place in what he calls his “den of creative chaos,” which is essentially a cluttered workshop in the entrance of his home, directly underneath his bedroom

Developing a fusion reactor has long been a goal of nuclear physicists because fusion power promises clean, abundant energy. While recent advances have brought fusion closer to reality, a fusion reactor that produces more energy than it receives has not yet been developed.

If he ends up succeeding (or helps someone who does with his knowledge), he’ll have upended trillion dollar businesses. Pretty awesome!

You can get more into what he’s doing on his Website here, or click the picture below! 

As seen on Gizmodo