(TruthSeekerDaily)  This first date is one this young girl will likely never forget, for the lesson that came from it is one to retain for a lifetime as a female.  

Bellingham, Washington father Aaron Dickson took his young daughter Annalynne out on her very first date and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. It starts by showing the nervous pop prepping for the evening and fighting nerves since it’s “been awhile.” It all seems a little strange…Until his precious date opens the door.

Chivalry has unfortunately become an antiquated practice and needs to be revitalized in our culture.  By restoring these simple, yet meaningful behaviors in boys and men and creating a mindset in girls to expect such treatment, it’s possible that these values would resonate through our world, solving social issues we suffer in this day and age.

h/t: [ YouTube ]

It’s an exciting thing to see that this video is being shared so much around the internet that it’s gone viral.  Others share this sentiment in bringing back these wholesome values.  Enacting this message together can make a massive difference.