(TruthSeekerDaily)  If you were to walk by this house you may think it was in disrepair or just in general needing of a good clean.  But upon closer look you would be incredibly stunned to find out how amazing it truly is.  

This unique home located on the University of Brighton’s campus may have a lot of garbage, but it’s all put to good use.  The humble home, from top to bottom, is made up entirely of garbage.  Due to it’s make-shift materials, this residence has been dubbed the “Waste House”, despite the fact that it actually does not waste a thing.  It was designed by studio BBM’s director, Duncan Baker-Brown, along with undergraduate students interested in an environmentally ingenuitive approach to design.

One thing is for sure, this house will make you think twice about what you do with your trash….it quite literally could be another man’s treasure (or at least his home).


The walls are covered in used carpet tiles and are insulated with junk. House2

The Waste House is the UK’s first permanent building constructed with garbage.House3

This home shows that “junk” can be used for so much more.House4