(TruthSeekerDaily)  A wedding proposal is always so special and exciting, but one soon-to-be engaged man took it to a who new level, making the presentation of the ring one his fiance will never forget.

JD Swartz popped the question to his girlfriend Sarah on May 15th.  In preparation for that memorable day, Swartz planned every fine detail to make it perfect, including the engagement ring box, which turned out to be the bee’s knees.

The stunning morganite ring he selected for Sarah, came in a sad looking box that Swartz described as being “terrible”.  He has something much better in mind for the ring to be held in.  Almost as impressive as the creative idea he conjured up, was the fact that he constructed the new holder all by hand.

Since Sarah has an affinity for bees and often wears jewelry that incorporates them, Swartz found it appropriate to design the holder with that theme in mind.

To see how he put it all together, check out the photos below.  This is so sweet!


The RingRing1


The sad little box it came inRing2


“I used the flower on the left as the base, and the center of the flower on the right as the lid.”Ring3


“I found this old bee trinket box and decided to incorporate it.”Ring4


“It opens, so I placed a slip of paper inside it asking, ‘Will you marry me?'”ring5


“I took out the ring holder from the old box.”Ring6


“I measured out the size I needed to cut out from the center of the flower.”ring7


“A dry fitting.”Ring8


“I mixed up some paint for the styrofoam interior to match.”Ring9


“I wanted to make sure the bee would fit on the new lid.”ring10


“I cut two slits in the lid and ran a ribbon through it so I could tie the bee on.”ring11


“Bee loosely tied in place.”ring12


“Here’s the finished interior with the ring in place.”ring13


“She took this picture just before opening it. And she said ‘yes.'”Ring14


“I’m sure she would have said yes if I had given her a cardboard ring,” Swartz said.  “We’re on a shoestring budget and trying to save as much as we can where we can, but I wanted to do something to make the proposal special, and this was an inexpensive way to make that happen.”

h/t: [ Reddit ]

He definitely did accomplish his goal of making something truly special for the love of his life.  The amount of money something cost does not determine it’s value, it’s the true thought and meaning behind it that is most important.