(TruthSeekerDaily)  After being born with a condition called splayed legs, which made walking nearly impossible, Benjamin the bird had to learn how cope with the disability and live life his own way.  Sadly, his parents ignored him, making him an outcast.  But then his siblings came to the rescue, making it possible for Benjamin to managed the first weeks of life.

Compared to his siblings born the same time he was, Benny was much smaller than they were.  Some would consider him to be ‘the runt of the litter’.  But each day, Benny gets bigger because of the help from his foster parents.  It’s a progression you have to see to believe:

Miraculously, because of the love, patience, and attention this sweet bird received, he has become a healthy, flying, lovebird!  Benny is proof that love can conquer all.

h/t: [ YouTube ]